Sherpana FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sherpana?

Sherpana is a guide share service. We help travelers join treks, and hire and review trekking guides directly. Sherpana's guide share pricing allows members to share the cost of the guide; lowering the price to members as more people join the trek.

How does it work?

You can join an existing trek or, if no current trek meets your needs, you can request a new itinerary and allow others to join it. As more people join the group, the price for everyone's trek goes down. Any difference in price from when you booked, to when your trek leaves, will be refunded to your card the day of your trek.

Where will I meet the guide?

Once a guide has confirmed he/she can take your trek then you will get their contact information (email and phone number) and he/she will get your email address. Once in Kathmandu you can arrange a place/time to meet your guide and discuss the logistics of your trek. The guide will help you arrange bus tickets or a hired vehicle to the trek start point.

Can I propose a trek and find out if anyone else is interested?

You can create a trek and then join it. If you do not make a payment this will be shown as an unconfirmed trek. No request will be made to the guide until a payment is made. Other users will be able to see the trek itinerary and comment or ask questions on the trip's board.

How do I contact Sherpana?

You can contact us via our contact form: Contact

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What is included?

The guide and all permits required for the trek are included in the price. You also have the option to hire a porter to carry your gear.

What is not included?

Food and lodging

In order to provide you with the best possible price and to get as much money as possible directly to the people who are actually doing the work, we do not charge you in advance for teahouse lodging and food. The guide will be able to book accommodation for the group in advance during high season. However, you will pay the teahouse owner directly for food and lodging. Budget at least $25 a day for food and lodging to be paid in cash directly to the teahouse.


For 'Guide & Permit Only' treks we do not include transportation to/from the trail head. Your guide will help you arrange transportation to the trail head in the case where public bus tickets or a hired private vehicle is required. In addition to your own fare please pay the fare of your guide and porter (if you have hired one) for public buses and public jeeps. In the case of flights a fee for the guides transportation is included in the price. For flights you free to book your own flight with the airlines directly or we can refer you to a company that can organize your flights if you wish. If you are on trek in which multiple trekkers have joined we will provide you with the contacts of other members of your trek so that you can arrange your transportation together.


It is customary in Nepal to tip trekking staff, they work hard and if you feel they have provided you with good service please reward them appropriately. Please insure you have enough cash to tip your guide and porter (if you hired one).

When do I have to pay?

When you book your trek and request a guide the entire fee will be charged to your credit card, similar to airbnb if you have used that service. However we will refund the amount if your plans change contingent on the cancellation policy below.

What is Sherpana's cancellation policy?

If you and your guests are the only members of the trek, we will offer a full refund up until two days prior to the trek’s departure. After that, up until the departure date a 50% cancellation fee will be charged in order to compensate the guide for lost business and processed permits.

If others have joined the trek, a 20% cancelation fee will be charged up until two days prior to the trek’s departure. A refund will not be given for cancelations made within two days of the trek’s departure when others have already joined the trek. These fees are to offset the cost of the other trekkers who joined the group expecting a lower cost.

How do I cancel my account?

Go to "Edit Profile" under the "user menu" and choose the cancel my account button. You can not undo this action any pending trips will be canceled.