How much should I tip my trekking guide and porter?

It is customary in Nepal to tip trekking staff, they work hard and if you feel they have provided you with good service please reward them appropriately. Please insure you have enough cash to tip your guide and porter (if you hired one). Suggested tipping: approximately 12%-15% of the guide and porter's wages, but more for larger groups. If your guide went above and beyond your expectations, then please reward him or her accordingly. For a guide, generally the equivalent of $2-$4 USD per day per person is good if there are multiple people; if only one person, then the equivalent of $3-$5 USD per day. For a porter, the equivalent of $3-$4 per day total (between all the people using the porter); or if one person has hired a porter, the equivalent of $2-$4 USD per day. If you need to cut your trip short for any reason the guide and porters will receive the wages for the full booked time but it is appropriate to tip based on the amount of days actually completed.