Getting Started

Welcome to Sherpana in this tutorial we'll help you get started finding a trek.

Browse Option
You can browse available treks and itineraries without signing up. Skip to 'Enter information about your trip' step below.
Sign up

You will need to sign up for a Sherpana account to book or join a trek. You can do this by logging in with your Facebook account, or by entering an email and password. You will need to confirm your email before your account is activated.

Enter information about your trip

You do not need to be signed in for this step. On the navigation bar below click 'Trekkers' to enter the number of trekkers. Click 'Set Trip Dates' to enter start and finish dates. Click 'Reset' to reset the dates and number of trekkers.

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Select the number of trekkers in your group. This enables us to show you prices based on how many people will join the trek.

How many people are going?

Request a trek or join a trek

If there is a particular destination you want to trek to, enter it in the search box the home page . For example, if you want to go to Everest Base Camp, search 'Everest Base Camp' and all treks and itineraries that include this destination will be shown. If you want to see all possibilities that fit in your time frame, then leave the search empty.

You then have the option to 'join a trek' if someone has already booked a trek that meets your criteria or 'request a trek' if you want to create your own itinerary on specific dates.

To join a trek

'Login' or 'Sign Up" from the menu in the upper right.

Click the 'View full itinerary' button for the trek you want to join from the index page

Click the green 'Join' button and enter the number of porters if you are booking for more than yourself click the 'add guest' button and enter the details for each guest.

To request a new trek

'Login' or 'Sign Up" from the menu in the upper right.

Click the 'Build Itinerary & Request Guide' button for the Itinerary you want to customize from the index page

On the itinerary page scroll down to the itinerary. Here you can add a side trip in the itinerary at place where there is a '+' link with the side trip name. Click this link to add the side trip to the itinerary. If you want to remove side trips click on the link 'remove all side trips' below the Itinerary title. You may add extra 'rest days' to the trip in the next step after you have selected the itinerary and requested the trek.

You can request a guide by clicking the 'request a guide' link just above the 'request trek' button. If you do not request a specific guide we will find an experienced guide to lead your trek. If you request a guide we will request that guide first. If that guide is not available or you do not specify a guide requests will be sent to all available guides. You can then choose from the guides who respond or ask us to recomend a guide. You may cancel for a full refund if you do not get the guide of your choice.

When you have the itinerary you want. Click the green 'Request This Trek' button. You can then add any extra rest days to the itinerary, change the start date, or guide. To add extra days click on the 'Add/Edit Nights' link next the location on the itinerary. In order for safe acclimatization there is a minimum number of nights at some locations.

When you are satisfied with the trek click the green 'join' button and continue the steps to join a trek.

Pay for trek

Go to the payment page you must be logged in to do this. You will automatically be directed here after joining a trek.

Click the blue 'pay with card' button. Payments are processed securely though our 3rd party vendor strip .

Enter credit card details and email in the stripe from.

Information required for permits

In order to process your permits we need a copy of your passport you can upload of jpg image of your passport to our secure server via the Add Passport from

Please also go to 'Edit Profile' page to make sure you have entered all the required information to process your permit.