How much time do I need between arrival and trek start? If I arrive on a Friday night, can I plan to leave on Sunday? Would 1 day be enough to meet with the guide to plan transportation?

For treks that do not require restricted area permits 1 day is enough and it is even possible to leave the next days since passport copies can be used to get the permits. For treks that require restricted area permits (Around Manaslu, Dolpo, Upper Mustang, and Nar Phu) the physical passport must be presented to the immigration office to get the permit. We can have all the paperwork done in advance with a passport copy but we still need to present the passport at the immigration office. The hours of the immigration office are: 10am - 5pm, Sunday - Friday (except on public holidays). However, sometimes the officer leaves early so it is best to get there before 3pm. Please ensure you can get your passport to the guide in time so we can get it to the immigration office while it is open. If you arrive on a Friday night you may need to wait till late morning on Sunday to leave.