What happens is my flight to Lukla is canceled?

If your trek requires a flight to Lukla make sure you have a few extra days built in to your time in Nepal. Especially in September and early October or in the late spring flights to Lukla are often canceled due to weather. Keep in mind that because the runway in Lukla is built into the mountainside if there is any cloud cover it is too dangerous for flights to land. So even if it is sunny in Kathmandu flights can get canceled due to weather.

If your flight gets canceled. Our ticketing agent will rebook the ticket, but seats are allocated with preference for the passengers that were originally booked on that day, so passengers from previous days cancel flights get lower priority. If several days of flights get canceled because of weather this can lead to a backlog of people trying to get on a limited number of flights to Lukla.

If you are short on time it is often possible to get a shared flight on a helicopter, if you opt for a helicopter flight we will refund the price of your ticket and you will need to pay separately for the helicopter usually about 2-3 times the cost of the airplane ticket.