Asmitah Kay

Based in Kathmandu, Nepal
Trek Rate
$25 per day
English, Hindi, and Nepali
almost 3 years

Asmitah came from one of the Kshytri family that settled in the far west of Nepal, Bajhang district. She spent her whole childhood the small village of Bajhang, where her grandparents used to work for farm land. Her parents still live there and are so passionate about farming and herbal plants. She says “I'm not sure if this is why I seem to attract about adventure, trekking, hiking and outdoor activities.” At the age of 20 she began solo treks also different treks in groups. Recently Asmitah completed the trekking guide course from the Nepal Mountain Academy. She is relatively new to guiding treks but has led city tours in the past, she adds “I'm a fresher one for now…I have confidence that I could be able handle upcoming trek(s).” She says her hobbies are “reading novel /newspaper, writing articles and watching movie/series…for fun I used to go to theatres, music events and sometimes club.” Asmitah says, “As I grew up in the village area nature and adventure attracts me so much. Besides of my study / job I enjoy trekking, hiking and hang out with new peoples get to know new cultures that makes me stress free. Also, after completing my high school education, I attend eco-trekking and community tourism training that inspires me to [become a] trekking guide.”

Availability & Upcoming Treks

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  • March 2024