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Classic Start from Besi Sahar side trek (5 days)
Annapurna Region, Nepal

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Highlights: Bahundanda

Difficulty: challenging
Starting at $204 usd
For 1 person -Guide & Permits
Includes guide and all required permits & entry fees:
$29.06 /day per person for guide
+ $30 per person for guide's insurance
+ $28 per person for permits

Teahouse lodging, food, & transportation paid separately.

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Before the road existed, trekkers would start their journey around Annapurna from the market town of Besi Sahar. This journey takes you from lush rice paddy clad hills to the ice and rock of the Thorung La. To experience the full range of Nepal’s diverse mountain ecology, begin your trek at this classic start point.

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Tue Jan 23 (day 1)
Public bus from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar (Not Included)

Estimated cost: $6
Travel time: about 6 hours
Please pay the fare for your guide & porter (if you have hired one)

Besi Sahar (800 m)

Bhulbhule (840 m)

Wed Jan 24 (day 2)

Bahundanda (1270 m)

About 3-4 hours from Bhulbhule

Ghermu (1140 m)

About 2-3 hours from Bahundanda

Thu Jan 25 (day 3)

Syange (1080 m)

About a half hour from Ghermu or About 6-7 hours from Bhulbhule

Jagat (1290 m)

Chamje (1410 m)

About 3-4 hours from Syange

Tal (1700 m)

Dharapani (1960 m)

About 5-6 hours from Chamje

Fri Jan 26 (day 4)

Bagarchhap (2160 m)

Chame (2710 m)

About 6-7 hours from Dharapani

Sat Jan 27 (day 5)
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