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via Phaplu side trek (2 days)
Everest Region, Nepal

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Difficulty: moderate
via Phaplu

The closest road head to the Everest Region, this route gets you to Lukla from Kathmandu in about 3 days overland.

Weather Conditions in July

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July is well into the monsoon season. Low elevations are hot and humid, with at least some rain likely during each day.

At a glance
On average there are 23 days with precipitation in July. The highest point on the trek is Ringmu at 2805 m. During July, expect high temperatures of around 19.6°C (67°F) and lows down to 11.6°C (53°F) at Ringmu.

via Phaplu Side trek
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Sun Jul 21 (day 1)

Kathmandu (1337 m)

Expect typical high termperatures of about 28.4°C (83°F) and lows of about 20.4°C (69°F) in July.


Phaplu (2470 m)

Expect typical high termperatures of about 21.6°C (71°F) and lows of about 13.6°C (56°F) in July.

Mon Jul 22 (day 2)

Ringmu (2805 m)

About 5-6 hours from Phaplu
Expect typical high termperatures of about 19.6°C (67°F) and lows of about 11.6°C (53°F) in July.