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Thame-Khumjung Alternate Route side trek (2 days)
Everest Region, Nepal

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Thame-Khumjung Alternate Route

If you’d like to experience a different village on your return you can stay in Khumjung rather than Namche Bazaar. While you won’t find the shopping, bars, restaurants, and other amenities of Namache Bazaar, Khumjung located about two hours above, does have beautiful views of Ama Dablam and a quieter laid back vibe since it is bypassed by most trekkers.

Weather Conditions in April

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April is the peak of the ‘Spring Season’, with more moderate temperatures and still relatively few days of precipitation. Clear mornings and cloudy afternoons are typical, with clouds clearing up just before or just after sunset. Trekkers should also be prepared for the occasional rain shower, especially towards the end of the month. At high altitudes occasional snow storms are possible.

At a glance
On average there are 6 days with precipitation in April. The highest point on the trek is Thame at 3820 m. During April, expect high temperatures of around 13.5°C (56°F) and lows down to -2.5°C (28°F) at Thame.

Thame-Khumjung Alternate Route Side trek
(Elevation Profile)

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Sat Apr 11 (day 1)

Thame (3820 m)

About 3 hours from Lungdhen
Expect typical high termperatures of about 13.5°C (56°F) and lows of about -2.5°C (28°F) in April.


Khumjung (3790 m)

About 5-6 hours from Thame
Expect typical high termperatures of about 13.7°C (57°F) and lows of about -2.3°C (28°F) in April.

Sun Apr 12 (day 2)

Namche Bazaar (3440 m)

About 1.5-2 hours from Khumjung
Expect typical high termperatures of about 15.8°C (60°F) and lows of about -0.2°C (32°F) in April.

Namche Bazaar