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Upper Mustang to Dolpo (27 days)
Dolpa (Dolpo) Region, Nepal

Difficulty: strenuous
Starting at $4,842 usd
For 1 person -Guide & Permits
Includes guide and all required permits & entry fees
$31.01 /day per person for guide
+ $30 per person for guide's insurance
+ $206 per person for guide's transport
+ $405 per person for specialized guide surcharge
+ $992 per person for expedition porter for trip supplies
+ $87.75 per person for vat tax
+ $220 per person for sat phone
+ $297 per person for camping
+ $15 per person for restricted area permit processing
+ $220 per person for equipment for staff
+ $761 per person for permits
+ $770 for single surcharge for Restricted Area

( Purchase of at least 2 permits required. If someone else joins your trek this fee will be refunded.)

Optional side trips: Lo Manthang