Gokul Rai

Based in Kathmandu, Nepal
Trek Rate
$25 per day
English ,Nepali, Hindi, and Rai
about 17 years

This guide has cancelled 1 trek after confirming.
Cancellation Details

Gokul is originally from Mahakulung in the Solokhumbu region of Nepal. He started as a porter in 2003 working his way up to becoming a guide. “Definitely I love travel in mountains, many beautiful places…” says Gokul, “and trekking is my life time job.” Over the years he has seen many beautiful places guiding in the Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri regions of Nepal. In addition to his guide training course, Gokul has completed courses in intermediate English, and computers. When not leading treks, Gokul enjoys travel, photography, and furthering his interest in computers and IT. “I am friendly guy,” Gokul says, “I like to discuss about important content and I am always smiling guy… I think sometimes I am a happiest person of the world. But I’m serious about my family.”

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  • July 2024
Occasions when Gokul Rai has withdrawn as the guide after first confirming he was available.
Around Manaslu via Tsum Valley Cancellation

on Apr 5, 2019

Gokul Rai withdrew as the guide for Around Manaslu via Tsum Valley 10 days before the trek was scheduled to depart on Apr 15, 2019, and 4 days after the trek was confirmed.

Reason Given
Sorry for canceled the trek around manaslu because of the reason I am in everest region for trekking right now so I will be in kathmandu on 20th April