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Tamang Heritage Trail trek (6 days)
Langtang Region, Nepal

Highlights: Gatlang and Thuman

Difficulty: moderate
Starting at $219 usd
For 1 person -Guide & Permits
Includes guide and all required permits & entry fees:
$27.55 /day per person for guide
+ $53 per person for permits

Teahouse lodging, food, & transportation paid separately.

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Included Permits
  • Langtang National Park Entry
  • TIMS Card
Porters (optional $17 per day)

Porters available upon request. You can request a porter at anytime while booking or after booking your trek up to 2 days prior to the trek's departure. Each porter may carry no more than 20 kg (44 lb) at a rate of $17 per day.

Guides do not carry any client's belongings if you want help carrying your personal belongings your must hire a porter or share one with someone else in your group.

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The Tamang are an ethnic group that inhabits the southern slopes of the Himalayas. They trace their origins back to the Tibetan plateau and share many similar religious cultural practices with their Tibetan neighbors to the north. Get up and close to Tamang culture on this trek through the Tamang villages of Gatlang, Thuman, and Briddim. With homestay accommodation, you’ll get an intimate look into the culture, while enjoying breathtaking Himalayan views along the way.

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Tue Sep 26 (day 1)

Kathmandu (1337 m)

Public bus from Kathmandu to Syapru Besi (Not Included)

Estimated cost: $10
Travel time: about 7 hours

Syapru Besi (1450 m)

Syapru besi
Wed Sep 27 (day 2)

Gatlang (2300 m)

About 5 hours from Syapru Besi

Tamang3 Mark Thomsen
Thu Sep 28 (day 3)

Tatopani, Tamang (2600 m)

About 6-7 hours from Gatlang

Fri Sep 29 (day 4)

Thuman (2300 m)

About 6 hours from Tatopani

Tamang2 Mark Thomsen
Sat Sep 30 (day 5)

Briddim (2240 m)

About 6 hours from Thuman

Highlights: Langtang Valley, Kyangjin Gompa, and Kyangjin Ri
Difficulty: moderate
A great option for those with less time, the Langtang valley trek allows trekkers to get high into the Himalayas without having to climb a high pass. Although the region was devastated by the 2015 earthquake when Langtang village was completely destroyed by a massive avalanche, the region is now recovering and the trekking routes are open into this spectacular valley.

Syapru Besi (1450 m)

About 1-2 hours from Briddim

Syapru besi
Sun Oct 1 (day 6)
Public bus from Syapru Besi to Kathmandu (Not Included)

Estimated cost: $10
Travel time: about 7 hours

Kathmandu (1337 m)

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