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Upper Langtang Day Hike side trek (3 days)
Langtang Region, Nepal

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Highlights: Kyangjin Gompa and Upper Langtang Valley

Difficulty: moderate
Upper Langtang Day Hike

This day hike from Kyangjin Gompa leads to the pristine Upper Langtang Valley toward the head of the valley and the Langtang glacier (about 6 hours’ round trip to the glacial view point). There are no teahouses past Kyangjin Gompa so you’ll have to take a packed lunch, but you’ll get to experience the wild beauty of the region.

Weather Conditions in January

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January is one of the coldest and driest months, which makes it good for Himalayan views while wearing lots of layers. While there is little rain, skies in the hills and valleys further from the high mountains can be hazy from dust and pollution. The days are short and the nights long, so you can finally catch up on War and Peace while hiking the Himalayas. Now that’s something to be proud of! Go with the e-book version, your back or your porter’s back will thank you for it. At high altitudes, temperatures can drop to well below freezing. Even during the day, temperatures may not rise much above freezing, if at all, and the snow that does fall doesn’t melt and can become hard and icy. This can make crossing high passes more difficult. During this season it may be wise to bring crampons or at a minimum a good trekking pole.

At a glance
On average there are 2 days with precipitation in January. The highest point on the trek is Upper Langtang Valley at 4000 m. During January, expect high temperatures of around 3.4°C (38°F) and lows down to -13.6°C (8°F) at Upper Langtang Valley.

Upper Langtang Day Hike Side trek
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Fri Jan 24 (day 1)

Kyangjin Gompa (3860 m)

About 3-4 hours from Langtang Valley
Expect typical high termperatures of about 4.2°C (40°F) and lows of about -12.8°C (9°F) in January.

Kyangjin Gompa
Sat Jan 25 (day 2)

Upper Langtang Valley (4000 m)

Out and back day hike to explore the upper Langtang Valley.
Expect typical high termperatures of about 3.4°C (38°F) and lows of about -13.6°C (8°F) in January.

Upper Langtang Valley

Kyangjin Gompa (3860 m)

Expect typical high termperatures of about 4.2°C (40°F) and lows of about -12.8°C (9°F) in January.

Kyangjin Gompa
Sun Jan 26 (day 3)

by Casey (United States) on Dec 9, 2019

Langtang Valley Upper Langtang Day Hike led by Mingma Nuru Sherpa

We are slower hikers/trekkers than the timings suggested on Sherpana, so our guide Mingma suggested that we spend only a few hours walking the flat areas of the upper valley in the morning, and then hike up Kyangjin Ri in the afternoon. This ended up a much better plan rather than to hike up the Ri in the morning before traveling from Kyangjin down to Lama Hotel for the evening. Sherpana's estimate was 1-2 hours up the Ri and 1 hour down -- we needed 2.5-3 hours up and 1.5 hours down. The upper Langtang Valley provided some opportunities for beautiful photos of the mountains and kharkas , but not as good of views from up on the high point of Kyangjin Ri. We got to watch sunset while descending from the 4770m summit, and this was the high point of our whole trip. The extra day is definitely worth it, and a second extra day would have been even better!

by Ryan (United States) on Oct 22, 2019

Langtang Valley Upper Langtang Day Hike led by Sanjaya Tamang

by Konstantin (Switzerland) on Nov 12, 2017

Langtang Valley Upper Langtang Day Hike led by Sanam Sherpa

Well worth the detour. Can see some amazing peaks. Very few people and a great sense of the scale of the place.

by Timur on May 9, 2017

Langtang Valley Upper Langtang Day Hike and via Gosainkunda led by Mingma Nuru Sherpa

For us the highlight of the trip was the upper Langtang area.