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Around Manaslu trek (14 days)
Manaslu Region, Nepal

Highlights: Samagaon, Birendra Tal, and Larkya La (Larke Pass)

Difficulty: challenging
Birenda tal
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Porters (optional $17 per day)

Porters available upon request. You can request a porter at anytime while booking or after booking your trek up to 2 days prior to the trek's departure. Each porter may carry no more than 20 kg (44 lb) at a rate of $17 per day.

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The Around Manaslu trek is often likened to how the Annapurna circuit used to be. The lodges are rustic, crowds are fewer, and the scenery is wild and rugged. Like the nearby Annapurna circuit, this trek covers a diverse array of landscapes starting in the green, lower hills and climbing past lakes and picturesque villages to the rock and ice covered Larke La (5106 m). From Samagaon there are spectacular side trips to Punggen Gompa an isolated monastery at the foot of Manaslu and Manaslu Basecamp.

Available Side Trips

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Tue Sep 26 (day 1)

Kathmandu (1337 m)

Public bus from Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar (Not Included)

Estimated cost: $5
Travel time: about 10 hours

Arughat Bazar (570 m)

Shared vehicle from Arughat Bazar to Soti Khola (Not Included)

Estimated cost: $10
Travel time: about 1 hour
Trekking time about 4 hours (13 km)

Private vehicle from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (Not Included)

Estimated cost: $200
Travel time: about 6 hours
Whole vehicle, the cost can be split by members of your group.

Soti Khola (730 m)

Lapubeshi (880 m)

About 2.5 hours from Soti Khola

Wed Sep 27 (day 2)

Machhakola (930 m)

About 2.5 hours from Lapubeshi

Tatopani, Kerauja (990 m)

About 2 hours from Machhakola

Thu Sep 28 (day 3)

Dobhan (1070 m)

About 1 hour from Tatopani

Yuru (Yaruphant) (1330 m)

About 1.5 hours from Dobhan

Jagat, Sirdibas (1340 m)

About 1 hour from Yuru

Fri Sep 29 (day 4)

Philim (1590 m)

About 2.5 hours from Jagat

Ekle Bhatti (1600 m)

About 1 hour from Philim

Near ekle bhatti

Highlights: Mu Gompa and Ranchen Gompa
Difficulty: moderate
This remote valley was only opened to trekking in 2008. Bounded by Ganesh Himal and Sringi Himal, and Boudha ranges, the valley was settled by people of Tibetan origin, and has a rich cultural history. The trail is lined with chortens and mani walls and home to the historic monasteries of Rachen Gompa and Mu Gompa. Accommodations may be basic but what the region lacks in amenities it makes up for in hospitality.

Pewa (1870 m)

About 2 hours from Ekle Bhatti

Bihi Phedi (1985 m)

About 2.5 from Pewa

Sat Sep 30 (day 5)

Bihi (2130 m)

About 30 minutes from Bihi Phedi

Prok (2380 m)

Near prok

Highlights: Kal Tal
Difficulty: easy
A 3 to 4-hour hike above Pork, Kal Tal is a worthwhile side trip in good weather for its superb mountain views.

Ghap (2660 m)

About 2 hours from Bihi

Namrung (2660 m)

About 2 hours from Ghap

Near namrung
Sun Oct 1 (day 6)

Lihi (2910 m)

About 1 hour from Namrung


Lho (3180 m)

About 1.5 hours from Lihi

Lho monastery with manaslu
Mon Oct 2 (day 7)

Shyala (3520 m)

About 1 hour from Lho

Samagaon (3530 m)

About 1.5 hours from Shyala


Highlights: Samagaon and Manaslu Base Camp
Difficulty: strenuous
High above Samagaon, this day hike follows a ridge overlooking the clear blue lake of Birendra Tal with panoramic views across the valley. It’s a strenuous climb that offers rewarding views during the ascent to the basecamp of the world's 8th highest peak. Images from via Manaslu Base Camp Side Trek

Highlights: Samagaon and Punggen Gompa
Difficulty: moderate
This tiny monastery at the foot of Manaslu makes up in location for what it lacks in size. The day trip from Samagaon to Punggen Gompa offers spectacular views of the mountain. Images from via Punggen Gompa Side Trek

Tue Oct 3 (day 8)

Birendra Tal (3460 m)

Birenda tal

Samdo (3800 m)

About 2.5 hours from Samagaon

Wed Oct 4 (day 9)

Dharamshala (4460 m)

About 2 hours from Samdo

Manaslu from hill above dharamshala
Thu Oct 5 (day 10)

Larkya La (Larke Pass) (5106 m)

Larke la 6976

Bhimtang (3720 m)

About 8 hours from Dharamsala

Sunrise view of manaslu bhimtang
Fri Oct 6 (day 11)

Gowa (2560 m)

About 5 hours from Bhimtang

Near gowa
Sat Oct 7 (day 12)

Tilche (2300 m)

About 1 hour from Goa


Dharapani (1960 m)

About 1 hour from Tilche

Near dharapani

Tal (1700 m)

Near tal
Sun Oct 8 (day 13)

Chamje (1410 m)

Waterfall chamje

Jagat (1290 m)

Syange (1080 m)

Waterfall syange
Mon Oct 9 (day 14)
Shared vehicle from Syange to Besi Sahar (Not Included)

Estimated cost: $10
Travel time: about 3 hours

Besi Sahar (800 m)

Public bus from Besi Sahar to Kathmandu (Not Included)

Estimated cost: $10
Travel time: about 7 hours

Kathmandu (1337 m)

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